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Équipe Cancer Terminators


Capitaine d'Équipe
Alicia Meghlaoui-Huc

International Community Belgium 2017

We are a group of children with a common purpose: to make the world a better place. Most of us have family members or friend that has either died of cancer or had it,therefore we share their pain. We thought that as children,there wasn't much for us to do to impact the world, but that things would come with age. We were very wrong! If you want to help us on our journey, click that donate button!
We might just be children, but our effort will not be unsignificant.

Team members (21)

Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 60€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€
Minnah Kandeil
Récolté: 10€

Nos supporters

Alicia Meghlaoui-Huc
Fundraiser from the day after Rock Extravaganza
Aaser Josefine
Teammember: Amalie Aaser
cyril hanson schleiper
From Hanson Schleiper Family
Tara Ampolini
In honor of all my family who have been impacted by cancer.
Teammember: Tara Ampolini
Meghlaoui Huc ALICIA
Proceeds from High School Play bake sale and stand at Family Day.
Teammember: Alicia Meghlaoui-Huc
Ole Nielsen
Good luck team Cancer Terminators.

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