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Capitaine d'Équipe
Natalie Morrice

International Community of Brussels 2014

We are a dynamic team of card playing friends who have committed our hearts in the fight against cancer.

Playing to Shuffle Out Cancer

Membres d'équipe

Récolté: 95€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 348€
Récolté: 10€

Nos supporters

Nancy Kavadas
Thanks to all the kids at St. John's elementary school for a successful bake sale fundraiser!!
Teammember: Kavadas Nancy
Cathy Meuris
Thank you Cathy Meuris for supporting the cause.
Teammember: Natalie Morrice
Robert Morrice
The poker guys have come through again. Thanks for a great evening of cards and raising money.
Teammember: Robert Morrice
Marian Slobodian
Thanks for yor support. All my love Marian. Liz,you are terrific!
Teammember: Elizabeth Jupp
Mary Hoeh
Teammember: Ashley Hoeh
Tammie Jones
Thank you, Nic for your donating your entire winnings to WIld Cards-Relay for Life!
Teammember: Nicholas Clapinson

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