St. John's | International Community Belgium 2017 | Relais pour la Vie

Équipe St. John's


Capitaine d'Équipe
Marcia De Wolf

International Community Belgium 2017

We are a group of St. John's International School students, teachers, staff, parents and alumni who are committed to raising funds for cancer research, in memory of our colleagues, family members and friends who have lost the fight or are still fighting this awful disease.

We relay!

Team members (10)

Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€
Récolté: 10€

Nos supporters

Eileen Penman
Thanks to all the St John's participants, and in gratitude for MC!
Smith Matt
Van Crombrugge van crombrugge
Teammember: Marcia De Wolf

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